An exclusive listening experience designed for earphones, A global live stream by Enno Cheng

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Garnering much attention at this year’s SXSW with her exquisite mountain themed performance, Enno Cheng’s live performances have been put on a temporary hiatus due to the pandemic. The pandemic has not stopped her from pursuing artistic endeavors, as she is not only working on a new album but has also been organizing her first ticketed online performance “Enno Cheng 2021 Online Tour- Sense Organ”. The show is designed around the concept of listeners enjoying the performance through their earphones as a global event that welcomes fans from around the world to partake in this one of a kind auditory experience.

As a multifaceted artist from Taiwan, Enno Cheng has released work as a musician, actor, and a writer. Her debut album ‘Neptune’ in 2011 was followed up by her sophomore effort ‘Pluto’ six years later; with her latest release being the album ‘Dear Uranus’ in 2019, an album exploring the concept of social groups, which also paved the way for her sold out, 3000 attendee show at the end of that year.

Aside from her work as a solo artist, she also founded the band ‘Chocolate Tiger’, with another side project titled ‘Felix Felicis’, which includes members from indie groups such as Elephant Gym and Sunset Rollercoaster. On the international side of collaborations, Enno has joined the stage with bands such as Broken Social Scene as a special guest, and was invited by Red Hot Organization in 2020 to work on a collaborative track “Jade (Remix)” with Californian band Xiu Xiu as part of the organization’s Red Hot T-POP project.

Having played most major music festivals in Taiwan and toured internationally in the USA, China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, Enno was forced to slow down her pace due to the pandemic in 2020. Switching gears, she has been able to generate positive feedback through her Twitch streaming series “Touring at Home”, while also being part of the online showcase at SXSW in 2021.

Her latest “Enno Cheng 2021 Online Tour- Sense Organ” seeks to explore the boundaries of online concert going with the show being designed with earphones in mind; producer ChunHo will also be providing his talents on the composition for the new tracks to be featured in the online event.

Enno Cheng 2021 Online Tour- Sense Organ” is scheduled to go live on July 24th , please refer to the following link for tickets at  iNDIEVOX

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