A invasion of Japan punk rock in Philly, Red Bacteria Vacuum 2011 USA Tour – Una invasión de punk rock en Philadelphia, Red Bacteria Vacuum 2011 USA Tour

Logbook BK

Logbook Bunka with this great and Japanese girl punkers, whose will play in Philadelphia in the Festival Pier (Penn’s Landing) with A Perfect Circle, touring America. – Logbook Bunka con estas grandiosas chicas punkeras japonesas quienes tocarán en Philadelphia en el Festival Pier (Penn’s Landing) con A Perfect Circle, recorriendo Norteamérica en su gira de verano.

Pedro Suarez. U.S. Correspondent.

Pictures. Audrey Kimura & Kristen Pierson for journalistic proposals.

Japan is invading America. But you don’t worry. A musical invasion that is touring USA and Canada right now. Summer is the wonderful season to get two music bands, where the East playing together with the West, in a unique stage. A Perfect Circle and Red Bacteria Vacuum are showing that the real language is the music. Therefore, this weekend the Summer America Tour 2011 will up the temperature with excellent rock, punk and metal. Philadelphia is the next venue to be infected in the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing, near to the Delaware River. And Colectivo Bunka will go to be infected too. Because is the only guest Latin mass media to attend in this concert.

Dear bunkareader, you will wait in the next issue in Wave and Bunka, Sonidos de Oriente radio show the exclusively interview with this crazy Japanese girls (and maybe we will try to get an interview with A Perfect Circle, if they can provide us a little of their time), in English and Spanish with a strident chronicle in both media. Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures took in Boston by Kristen Pierson at July 12th.

We appreciate to Audrey Kimura (Benten label) once again for support us because she believe that Latin America is the music paradise to Japan music. So, we expect that more Japanese bands are visiting our region, such as Versailles in Colombia, X-Japan and Dir en Grey touring around Latin America.

If you want, click here and follow the route with Red Bacteria Vacuum & A Perfect Circle USA 2011 Tour, courtesy by John Genzale (Seattle), our associate West Coast correspondent.

Stay tuned, because Bunka will follow connects you with Asia!

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