Chinese celestial melodies landed again in NYC

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k_07LogBook Bunka on NYC Modern Sky Music Festival last October 4th at Rumsey Playfield, starring Miserable Faith Song Dongyie, New Pants, and the great artist guest, Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band. Versión en español.

Pedro Suarez.
Photographer: Alex Morales.
Special acknowledges: Modern Sky Entertainment & Jennifer Conrad PR.
The Capital of the World was bombed by the growing Chinese movement musical sounds again. 2015 NYC Modern Sky Music Festival on October 4th showed us the current bands and artists musical trends from the Asian giant nation but also the fast and successful expansion of this amazing event in the Western side to dance and rock. An expansion that began in Helsinki (August 28th & 29th), then landed in New York, Los Angeles (a special feature for Chinese Indie Night on October 9th), and Seattle as the final destination on October 11th.FB_banneri_NYC_1702px630pxAlthough there was a threat of rain predicted for a dying hurricane Joaquin, the spirit of the music cleared the New Yorker fall sky showing us a shining sun to warm our bodies and prepare to dance with a assorted international lineup: Lower (Denmark), Mark Sultan (USA), and the British Gang of Four, along Miserable Faith, Song Dongye, New Pants, and special guest, Yoko Ono and her band together.k_27After a pleasant trip, we have arrived at the venue at noon; just in time to interview the bands before the show. Miserable Faith told us their expectations on this debut for the international stage expecting that the crowd come to enjoy their concert; they also told us how it has been growing the Chinese rock movement today becoming popular through these festivals becoming in an invaluable international showcase for Chinese artists to the Western. Then, they shook the people. Song tracks like «Highway Song» or «A Beautiful New World» were sung in one voice. This is why they are considered one of the most influential bands in the current Chinese rock movement in the 90s.k_31The soft and romantic performance was made by folk soloist and composer music Song Dongye, flooding the venue with love. We have seen several couples embraced singing their songs like «Li Li An,» «Miss Dong», among others, and he was applauded. Like Miserable Faith, Song Dongye was so excited and eager to play in the United States for the first time, and his precious friendship with acclaimed film actress Maggie Cheung, and his personal opinion about how Chinese folk music is becoming very popular in his country and beyond overseas as well.k_38The autumn sunset marked the arrival to New Pants; a videoclip was run out which we saw all their discography in a chronological way, which the crowd became euphoric. On stage, Lei Peng and his gang band (the beautiful bassist Zhao Meng, drummer Hayato Kito, and Pang Kuan) shook the floor of the park with themes like «I’m OK», «Are Those without Ambition Never Sad», «Cheater like Me», along with the most popular «Sex Drugs Internet» and «Bye Bye Disco», which song closed their majestic presentation. Previously, we had interviewed them. They told their stories when they played for the Coachella who appreciate the familiarity and taste of the American public for their music achieving a closer connection with the fans; we laughed a lot when Peng told us that their latest album is download on iTunes to the Latinos after asking him where we could buy «Sex Drugs Internet»; and they amazed us in knowledge and admiration for Brazilian death metal Sepultura; then, I showed them my t-shirt with the Sepultura’s logo that I got when they have performed in NYC for the last American tour, so New Pants were surprised and ended up enjoying this outgoing conversation.k_50Finally, the final showcase at festival was in charge by one of the most famous artists in the world: Yoko Ono, who has arrived on stage at 7:30 pm along with her guest musicians. Hysteria and cheers were released. Instantly, I felt transported in a back time trip listening her tunes. For a moment, maybe the night or the park, are been synchronized into one as if the spirit of her beloved husband John Lennon was there with her on stage. It was amazing to see how the Asian younger are giving admiration and respect for Yoko and the Plastic Ono Band, confirming the new generations are being influenced by the psychedelic, punk, indie, new wave and rock music from the glorious 70s and 80s as a an revival of Western artists of the past in the modern Mainland China, as a renewal wave making more and more musicians and fans enjoying these past tunes nourishing the musical movement in a good way.k_09Nevertheless, Modern Sky Music Festival has demonstrated its consolidation and worldwide recognition. Therefore, we will await the next edition and lineup in 2016, whose will land from the musical heaven to delight the city of skyscrapers. Until then, we continue enjoying this amazing Chinese indie music captivating our Western ears.
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Modern Sky Music Festival’s Official HP.

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