Bunka Network, winners and selected for MICSUR 2016

BK Press Statement, Wave BK News


It is a great joy announcing this news which we will participate for the first time at this important South American event. Colectivo Bunka & Wave E-Zine are part of Bunka Network.

Bunka Network was officially selected as winner of the contest to participate in The Southern Cultural Industries Market (MICSUR) which will be held on October 17th to 20th in Bogota, Colombia at the Corferias International Convention Center & Business.
After a competitive contest in which more than 400 entrepreneurial proposals focused in the cultural market participated, the Ministry of Culture selected the 60 winners who will be representing Colombia in MICSUR; Bunka Network will be one of them in the Editorial & New Media Platform Cultural Industry Category due to its wide experience in this field through the digital content production of exclusive bilingual articles about Asian and Latin American culture topics, press covering national and international events, development of a multicultural online radio station with English and Spanish content, support of musical projects with compilation net label United Sounds Bunka and musical artists booking.
«It is a privilege to take part in this amazing event where we can introduce our business proposal and work plan for our South American colleagues; our purpose is building ties between our region with the rest of the world towards setting up a true cultural exchange to support mutually to the artists and opening a knowledge dialogue with each other in a clear way», said Pedro Suarez, co-director and representative of Bunka Network for MICSUR.
MICSUR is the big regional bet to create and consolidate a platform for knowledge dissemination, promotion, distribution, and marketing of goods and services generated by the cultural and creative industries between Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay & Venezuela. This second market summit is supported by The Ministry of Culture of Colombia, The Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, and City Hall of Bogota, among others. In its first edition (Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2014), MICSUR was a successful event including 10 South American countries, 800 buyers and sellers, 80 international buyers from Spain, Japan, Finland, United Kingdom, USA, and China, 9,500 business round meetings, 50 academic activities (forums, conferences, workshops, and sectorial conversations), 1 fashion show, 30 showcases, and 8 institutional meetings led by Latin American cultural agencies.
For Bunka Network it is very important to have your support to consolidate this cultural ecosystem. If you are interested to know more about this business and cultural proposal, and join us as a sponsor or a partner for MICSUR, you can email us: info@bunkanetwork.com In addition, we encourage you to visit our official website: www.bunkanetwork.com
Take part in a new era!

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