Asian music is party on! Latin America celebrates the Asian Music Day!

Wave BK Special Pick-Up

For the first time, our Hispanic region will celebrate this Saturday, December 19th, one yearly day to shout out the meaningful musical and artistic contribution from Asia such as a large dragon which emerges strongest beyond their borders: Asian Music Day.

Bunka Radio y Bunka Wave will merge all the best efforts to take all the Asian music experts and novice fans in Latin America a terrific musical selection from 8:00 am (Colombia Time -COT-) to 11:59 pm this Saturday on live. Thus, listeners will enjoy exclusive releases and new tunes from Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and other nations from the Asia-Pacific region in our streaming Bunka Radio ( in a majestic sound mixing K-Pop, J-Rock, Thai Indie or Indonesian Metal Core, among others.

Our special virtual celebration will start with the most tasteful K-pop songs from several famous groups such as BTS o Blackpink, who are in the worldwide trending. Then, the morning time will be lived up by Jonathan McNamara’s Nihongaku from USA, Alberto Cornejo’s J-Sun Melodies from Mexico, and a vibrant catalog of Latin artists playing J-Music tunes. At noon, Junior Azáldegui (Peru) will plays the most odd and trendy music tracks on City Pop for Dummies.

Afternoon time you will listen DJs from Peru & Colombia playing classical ani-songs and most remembered melodies that have been in the minds from several past and present generations in Japan Beats, Animensei! and J-Music Inside.

Thailand will contribute with the following musical selector. In the first act, the Joint Indie Music Movement directed by DJ Jimmy will take us in a journey to walk throughout Southeastern Asian rhythms. After that, a premium export catalog will play only for Latin America in an exclusive partnership with Bangkok City Music, one of the most popular venues for the Asian musical industry, showing us the most music vibrant and enriched Thai music to the World.

At evening time, Duvan Prada will be ready to open a special episode in Bunka Central from Colombia will discuss with several protagonist people of the Latin-Asian music scene today. Then, Asian Party People by Pedro Suarez will do a musical blasting to shake the Asian Music Day playing exclusive releases from Japanese, Korean & Indonesian artists and labels such as Tsushimamire, Love x Stereo, Suaka, ASTERISM, DYGL, Hip Land Music, 3rd Stone from The Sun, and Parinam Music Label from the Southeast Asia.

To conclude this amazing Asian Music Day, our friends of Music Dish China will debut as an exclusive premiere for Latin America their most valuable sound treasures that are a real trending topic in the Mainland China nowadays until the midnight.

Our radio Schedule will be stream online throughout Bunka Radio ( so you can listen us from any desktop or laptop. But also, you can download free our app Bunka Radio for Android, or RadioGarden app for iOS.

Finally, follow us to know more details about this amazing day via Facebook Asian Music Day,, and use our hashtags for Twitter & Instagram #asianmusicday y #amd2020

Join us to this awesome musical party and come in with us to celebrate our Asian Music Day!

A real cultural tie bridge between Asia & Latin America:

Bunka Wave is a specialized digital content platform about Asian culture since 2011. Several interviews and reviews have been issued to bring the best information in Spanish and English. Bunka Wave has several correspondents from the Americas and Spain. Twitter & Instagram: @bunkawave / Facebook: Bunka Wave.

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