City Pop Legend Eiichi Ohtaki to release «A LONG VACATION» 40th Anniversary Edition

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Renowned Japanese artist Eiichi Ohtaki will release his hit album “A LONG VACATION” on March 21, 40 years to the day after it was originally released. To commemorate this 40th anniversary edition, his catalog of 178 songs that were released through his own label “Niagara”, will also be made available on all global subscription platforms for streaming from the same day.

Eiichi started his career in 1970 forming “Happy End” with Haruomi Hosono, Takashi Matsumoto, and Shigeru Suzuki, which had a great influence in molding the Japanese rock scene. After they disbanded in 1973, Eiichi created his own label “Niagara” and started his solo career. In addition to his solo career, he produced and wrote songs for other artists, creating many hit songs. He was also a long-time radio DJ, utilizing his talent in various fields. He was one of the progenitors of the Japanese Pop Scene, and a legendary artist. He passed away in 2013.

As the “CITY POP” craze spreads across continents, his songs are anticipated on streaming platforms. On March 21, a total of 178 songs, including his smash hits “Kimiwa Tennenshoku”, “Koisuru Karen”, “Shiawasena Ketsumatsu” as well as self-cover songs “Atsuki Kokoroni”, “Kaze Tachinu”, and “Yumede Aetara” will all be made available!

Another surprise for long-time Eiichi fans, a newly made music video for “Kimiwa Tennenshoku” was released on YouTube on March 3. This song was recorded on the hit album “A LONG VACATION” released on March 21, 1981 which sold over 3 million units. After 40 years this song is still loved and is used in commercials, animations and movies fitting seamlessly into various scenes from many generations.

The cover art for “A LONG VACATION” is by celebrated illustrator Hiroshi Nagai, known overseas for his iconic “CITY POP” artwork. The music video is configurated from his artwork and edited by Nobutaka Iida, known for his trailers for animations “Kimino Nawa (Your Name.)” and “Tenki no ko (Weathering With You)”. The “A LONG VACATION” 40th anniversary package is only available in Japanese stores.


Born in Iwate prefecture far north of Tokyo in July 1948. He moved to Tokyo upon graduating from high school, where met Haruomi Hosono in college with whom he shared the same musical interests and started a band together. After several false starts, he formed the legendary band “Happy End” with Haruomi Hosono, Takashi Matsumoto, and Shigeru Suzuki. Having disbanded after 3 years, he shifted his focus to songwriting and created many hit tunes. While maintaining his songwriting works, he also paved way for his solo career with massive hits in each decade.

Japanese pop music now is greatly influenced by his songs which have been well-covered by young artists. Although his solo releases are few, he left a great impact on the Japanese music scene, and his songs throughout his career have been listened to for generations. He passed away in 2013 from a heart attack. Eiichi Ohtaki Official HP

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