Boy in Blue’s interprets music through color on his first EP called ‘Red’

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Thai band Boy in Blue’s presents their new music release. Previously, people’s perception of Boy in Blue’s was the “Blue color”, or sad music and sound with slow tempo. The lyrics composed by the members tend to be based on experiences of love that always end gloomily. It mainly comes from facing sadness. Which corresponds to the «Blues» with an abstract interpretation of «blue» for everyone to see.

To give listeners a new side to the band, Boy in Blue’s added “Red” to the song and interpret to the audience feel the Enthusiastic, Energetic, and Rage but still but retains the original blue through the narrative from the experience of disappointment, gloom that added bad jokes, grumbles.

In terms of music, Boy in Blue’s has chosen to add new experience in their songs by making music through this EP and This is the first time the band has collaborated with an artist who sees the same problem in another step of their life, co-wrote lyrics with close friends who directly faced problems and ending with a question to those who are in trouble working through this song as well. Boy in Blue’s don’t forget to add new instruments and the sound. The band has chosen an instrument that can make the listeners feel more «Red» and rock with the song. This EP. Red consists of two music videos.

OMG! – Combining an aura of pop, funk and rock, Boy in Blue’s retains the identity of writing lyrics that satire on unrequited love like before. The listeners were able to access the richer emotions of the music. through the language. It also brings instruments with different levels of sound and a variety of combinations in the song as well. Interpolated to allow listeners to access more intense emotions.

Multitasking Guy (Ft. Junva) – Although this song is not about love like other songs of the band, Boy in Blue’s still conveys the emotion and content that it wants to convey to the listener with the same intensity as before. This content comes from the experience of the author. The core of message is the problem that someone was suffering from the Disappointment in the step of growing life as a “First Jobber” and the “Disappointment” is what the band can best describe. Also has artists like “Junva” joined featuring with an ending with the question for everyone that is “We need to have multitasking skill for survival in this world, really?”

Bunka Wave invites its readers to follow this band coming from Bangkok, their style and way of making their music will be a positive influence on the Thai music scene in the near future.

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