Bringing Taiwan talents together at SXSW 2023, Taiwan Beats Showcase lineup includes Elephant Gym, 9m88 and more.

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2023 SXSW is coming up on March 13-18, and the Taiwan Beats Showcase has announced that it will be held at the Elysium on March 14th from bringing together  the most representative and versatile Taiwanese artists  including Elephant Gym, 9m88, LÜCY, deca joins, The Chairs and SiNNER MOON for a series of performances.

Taiwan Beats Showcase is a project initiated by the the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID) and organized by Young Team Productions. In 2021 and 2022, it blurred the boundary between reality and virtuality by taking top contemporary Taiwanese artists to locations ranging from indoor shrimping ground to temple and historical site, to film their live performances that were later streamed online. This year, Taiwan Beats Showcase is returning to SXSW live with six of the most topical bands and artists from Taiwan, to showcase the music scene and experience unique to the island from Asia: ever self-reinventing math rock band Elephant Gym, jazz singer-songwriter 9m88, poetic alternative rock band deca joins, nostalgic and romantic trio The Chairs, characteristic dream pop singer LÜCY, and genius newcomer rapper SiNNER MOON.

In addition to the Taiwan beats showcase, those incredible rising Taiwanese talents have arranged a series of collaborations and additional performances during the SXSW festival. As the face of Taiwanese new generation of jazz-pop singers, 9m88 is invited to perform in the all-Asian showcase Tiger Den, a collaboration between alternative K-pop group Balming Tiger and Asian American entertainment company Jaded.

9m88 (aka Baba) is a R&B singer-songwriter based in Taipei. Studying under the legendary double bass player Reggie Workman and alto saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom from The New School in NYC, 9m88’s music genre is heavily jazz-influenced but well-blended with R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and Pop music. Her soulful voice and her lyrics often emphasize both the female sensibility and rationality, she’s adept in fusing styles into poetic songs. With her personal convention breaking aesthetics, she is gradually becoming an interdisciplinary artist.

In 2019, 9m88 independently released her debut album ‘Beyond Mediocrity’ ,her music journey also continues to overseas territories including playing at Summer Sonic festival in Tokyo, Clockenflap Music Festival in Hong Kong and SummerStage in New York. 9m88 has also been invited to perform at a virtual festival presented by 88rising in 2020 along with rising Asian stars such as HYUKOH and Rich Brian. 9m88’s colorful personal style has also obtained her high fashion status, she is often spotted on the cover of fashion magazines in Asia, and is a friend of house of CHANEL. In August 2022, 9m88 has released her latest album ‘9m88 Radio’.Crafted in collaboration with an international roster of musicians and producers like Oddisee (U.S.), Arthur Moon (U.S.), Silas Short (U.S.), StarRo (Japan), SUMIN (South Korea). ‘9m88 Radio’ not only has succeeded in gaining the attention of international media such as THE FADER and NME but it also has demonstrated 9m88’s ambition.

Rising star of Taiwan’s new wave of hip hop, SiNNER MOON, will be a special guest at a performance by Japanese «poetry rapper» HARU NEMURI, as they collaborated on their new single «Old Fashioned» earlier this year.

When SiNNER MOON dropped his debut single in September 2020, press and critics rushed to step up to crown his innate talent, flawless switch between English and Mandarin, and dynamic performances as exceptional as a diamond. Presenting a harvested perspective on hip-hop’s global influence, SiNNER MOON recklessly takes cues from Screamon Rap, New School Hip Hop, Trap Metal and more on his expansive works like “Bleed It”, «Vamp”, and “PUSSYWANKER”.

Signed to NXWV in 2021, the 22-year-old upstart is paired up with veteran emcee Peatle as rap duo Wolf Pacc, the first Trap Metal band in Taiwanese Hip Hop/Rap landscape.The quick rise of Wolf Pacc grooms SiNNER MOON a surprising yet eclectic palette in experimenting wider genres and possibilities. SiNNER MOON joins Warner Music’s Asian Hip-Hop compilation project ASIATIC.WAV (2022) as the sole selected Taiwanese artist. He’s currently working on club music-based releases with world-renowned producers Sonia Calico and London’s NTS resident AKITO.

Four-piece poetic alternative band deca joins are on the road for their “ Reverie’s edge” world tour, and they will play in nine cities in the US such as New York, Los Angeles ,San Francisco…etc.

deca joins is an indie mandarin rock band from Taipei, Taiwan. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Chingju Cheng, guitarist Shanghua Yang and bassist Junyan Xie. Some people say they sound a little bit like Fishmans and Mild High Club. In November 2018, the band released the album Go Slow. The video for the single from this album, «Wave» (海浪), has received over 6.1 million views on YouTube. In 2019, the music video for the song «Go Slow» was nominated for the Golden Melody Award (Taiwan) for Best Music Video.

In October 2019, the band released the single «When Fog Dissipates» (霧散去的時候). They began their tour «In Between Mountains» to promote the single in Asia, Australia and the United States, but the U.S. leg of the tour was cancelled midway through due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their scheduled appearance at SXSW 2020 was also cancelled. 2020 also saw the release of their latest album Bird and Reflections, to critical acclaim. deca joins started a new asia tour in 2022 from March to August, there were over 50,000 attendees who took part in this tour. They are set to return to the United States for touring in March 2023.

The most well-known math rock trio Elephant Gym, who have extensive experience in sxsw in the past, will be performing on their new album ‘Dreams’, showcasing their never-ending creativity and excellence in performing techniques.

Elephant Gym is a world-renowned alternative math rock trio, comprising siblings KT (vocals, bass) and Tell (guitar), and their childhood friend Chia-Chin(drummer). Characterized by heavy bassines and evident jazz influences, the Taiwanese trio has become one of the genre’s most notable acts, having taken their groovy and trance from Taiwan to the world. Their highly original and skillful playing style has won them invitations to perform at major festivals around the world such as Fuji Rock and Summer Sonic in Japan, Maho Rasop Festival in Bangkok,Music Matters in Singapore, SXSW, American music festival and carnival Camp Flog Gnaw, British award winning outdoor festival ArcTanGent…etc.

In 2018, Elephant Gym held a two-year-long 《Underwater》world tour with 40 shows in 10 countries over Asia, Europe and America. Elephant Gym is also one of the most popular videos on Chicago label Audiotree live streaming program with more than a million clicks. In 2022, Elephant Gym released its third full-length album, ‘Dreams’, which ranged far beyond math rock, blending jazz, classical, and traditional music, collecting new sounds, styles, and collaborators. Next up, Elephant Gym will kick off their “ Dreams Asia Tour “ and in the winter of 2023 ,they will release a 10-year anniversary album and embark on a world tour.

Hailed as a hidden gem of the bedroom pop wave, LÜCY released her self-titled debut album while performing at the Primavera Sound Festival in Spain last year. For her debut show in the US,  LÜCY will lead the audience into her intriguing creative universe with a soothing, characteristic voice.

Born in 2000. LÜCY started writing her own songs at the age of 19. Some at that age use their time to write in their diary or spend time in the park just having… a good time. But at home, LÜCY needed to write down all the experiences she was having in her environment in song. With an excellent dream pop style, in 2021 her first record ‘LÜCY’ was a meteoric success, and she has fast become one of Taiwan’s most outstanding emerging artists. In the past two years, LÜCY has aggressively expanded internationally without being affected by the epidemic. From performing in PRIMAVERA Festival, the Kaunas Festival in Lithuania and several live house shows in Amsterdam, to a concert in Taipei Zepp with Japanese alternative rock band 羊文学 Hitsujibungaku’ and Numcha form Thailand. LÜCY’s second album was released at the end of 2022, a tour of Asia and Europe scheduled for April 2023, and two more albums to be released at the end of May and November 2023.

Nostalgic trio The Chairs have performed online at the 2021 Taiwan Beats Showcase, and their impressive performance at the indoor shrimping ground was one of the annual highlights of SXSW. They are looking forward to performing face-to-face at SXSW this year!

Formed by YunJin, ZhongYing and Benson, The Chairs were nominated multiple awards in Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA) in 2016. In 2018, met with the new generation producer Eazie Huang, they soon hit it off with the new producer, and together created the brand new album . With , a bit romantic, acid, retro and a bit naughty album, The Chairs got a second-time nomination by GIMA for Best Folk Single Award and received the Best Group Award from Golden Melody Award 30th.

The 2023 Taiwan Beats Showcase will take place at Elysium on March 14th from 8pm-2am. more information at:

20:00 LÜCY

21:00 The Chairs

22:00 deca joins


00:00 9m88

01:00 Elephant Gym

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