Asian Music Day 2nd Edition is ready with a huge and historical participation!

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More than 120 Asian artists will celebrate the Asian Music Day 2nd Edition in Hispanic America this Saturday, December 18th throughout Bunka Radio starting our broadcasting event at 8:00am (COT). Read more information and details related to using our hashtags #asianmusicday or #amd2021.

One year ago on this pandemic, Bunka Wave established one yearly day to recognize, celebrate, and shout out the meaningful musical and artistic contribution from Asia to Latin America: Asian Music Day. A radio marathon to link up two continents in a cultural tie throughout via online streaming from Bunka Radio.
The first edition of the Asian Music Day demonstrated why it is important promoting and be visible the Asian music trends in Latin America, and vice versa. There are the results: 16 non-stop and non-ads on live streaming in Bunka Radio; 29 Asian artists representing the music stages from Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China; a historic debut from Bangkok Music City network showing the highlights from Thailand, and Music Dish China about Chinese music scene; 12 Latin artists from Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina; and, finally, 6,000 listeners and followers engaged with this radio event interacting in our social networks and our streaming platform. All this overview gave us a happy successful debut but also pushed on us the stamina to organize and produce the second edition.
Asian Music Day 2nd Edition will start broadcasting on Bunka Radio this Saturday, December 18th starting at 8:00am (COT) in a more-than-16 non-stop streaming hours, when the last song and the last artist will be played, in Spanish language.
Asian Music Day 2nd Edition will do an amazing sound homerun! We extended our invitation, and our calling was answered. As a result, more than 120 artists and representatives have accepted to join up and celebrate together from Japan, China, and South Korea by our friends and allies Onigiri Media (you can read the Japanese version of this press statement), Inter Idoru Management, 3rd Stone from the Sun, Music Dish China, Sounds from the Korean Underground, and the debut from Genjing Records. Additionally, we welcome Keep It Local Asia, who will introduce the best indie sounds from Malaysia debuting in this radio event. The return to participate again from our allies and friends Bangkok Music City representing the vibrant Thailand indie music. Asean Music Showcase will introduce to Latin America different tunes from Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Talking about Indonesia, a special feature on the event will do by the most influential and important indie music label in Jakarta, Sun Eater Records. Ending the good announcements, Young Team Productions will spark the melodies and artists from Taiwan who some of them may visit the next SXSW 2022. A music extra combo that delights your ears!
Latin America will be present with several artists from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina throughout our allies Latin J-Music, and returning to our radio home our brothers J-Music for Dummies from Peru who will play a special radio show about the golden years of the J-rock artists who marked a whole generation.
Duvan Prada and Pedro Suarez will lead a talk show to resume and explain the journey and the importance to keep active Asian Music Day plus a top-secret playlist that will be unveiled in Asian Party People radio show. A surprise gift that will captive the listeners!
Our radio schedule will be streamed online throughout Bunka Radio ( so you can listen to us from any desktop or laptop. But also, you can download free our Bunka Radio app for Android and RadioGarden app for iOS. Finally, follow us to know more details about this amazing day via Facebook Asian Music Day,, and use our hashtags for Twitter and Instagram #asianmusicday & #amd2021
Join us at this awesome musical party and come in with us to celebrate our Asian Music Day!

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